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Bought to you by voice actor, Jennifer Bradley and talent agent, Snejina Stoilova.

Now best friends based in both the UK and Canada - talk everything industry.  We sometimes have guests and try to pull back the curtain for people that are interested.  All lighthearted fun!


Jennifer Bradley

Jen is an actor, voice over artist and even occasionally a voice over coach.

Based in the UK and having been in the entertainment industry for around 14 years - covering both the UK & Canada.
Jen is happily represented by Damn Good Voices for voiceover work and can be found on their website here:

She is an Equity member and also on Spotlight and her acting credentials, demo reel and voice reels can also be found here:

Snejina Stoilova

Snejina owns her own talent agency Alaeria Artists and a modelling agency in Canada (Alaeria Agency).


Her approach to both agencies is a holistic one. Mostly in regards to Alaeria Agency by focusing on the wellness of her models. Snejina prides herself on representing all body types, ages, sexual orientations and cultural backgrounds across the board. 

Based in Canada, Snejina has been in the entertainment industry for over ten years.  When Snejina was a young pup she modelled for years also.



Actor & Agent

In the UK & Canada :)


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